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Hello, this is fiona from TKFM Valve Factory, today ,let me to introduce the "butterfly valve" and "lug vs wafer butterfly valve" 

Hope that through the writing of this article, we have a clearer understanding of butterfly valves and can more clearly choose

the butterfly valve we need during use.

Our stock butterfly valve products:


Butterfly Valve Characteristics

Simple structure, small size, short structure length, small size, light weight;

The operation is flexible and labor-saving, and manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic modes can be selected.

Easy to install;

Wafer VS Lug Buttefly Valve

1.Wafer Butterfly Valve

 Installed in the diameter direction of the pipeline, rotation angle is between 0°-90°. When rotated to 90°, it is fully open.

2.Lug Butterfly Valve

Normal Nominal diameter : DN40-DN2000 mm               
Drive mode : manual   worm gear 

Sealing structure:   soft seal , hard seal                 Material cast steel, stainless steel

3. Wafer VS Butterfly Valve

The lug version of the butterfly valve's design similar 3-piece ball valve. 

One side of the pipeline can be removed without affecting the operation;

Wafer valve usually has just two or four unthreaded holes to secure and

align the valve within two mating flanges. 

Lugged Butterfly ValveWafer Butterfly Valve 


See the source image

The main products: 
(1)Valve: Ball valve, Gate valve,Global valve, Check valve, Butterfly Valve , 
Breathing valve and 
Trap Valve and so on .

(2)Casting: Die casting (SS/Brass/Aluminium/ Zinc/Cold chamber/Hot chamber )
                       Sand casting 

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